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A beautiful website is just the first step along your digital marketing journey.

I will guide you the rest of the way with time-saving hacks, industry know-how and leading-edge techniques customized for your business.

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Hi there, I’m Polina


I have started my web design agency Polinet while still at the University. It is all I have ever done my entire life – going on 20 years now. My insatiable thirst for knowledge and adventure drive me to constantly learn new things in web development and digital marketing to be able to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time so I can get out there and explore the world. In return, my many travels and life experiences fuel my creativity to come up with unique and memorable websites and marketing ideas. I have travelled and lived in enough countries to obtain 3 different passports but choose to serve my global client base from a small island of Vanuatu which I now call home.

I am currently working on launching my third business so I know first hand the challenges that modern marketplace, especially in the COVID-19 economy, presents. But with the right systems in place, I can leverage my time and effort, run multiple businesses and still have time to sleep in every day and ride motorcycles on the remote islands.

I can show you how you too can automate your marketing and business activities to get more leads and sales in less time and have the freedom to follow your dreams.


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Lifelong Learning

It has been my life long dream to find a way to get paid to learn. In running Polinet I found the perfect outlet for this passion. As I continue to undertake various digital marketing courses and acquire new systems and tools I summarise each one to my exclusive community of clients. You can use this knowledge to either implement the ideas yourself or purchase it as a done-for-you service. I get to learn and you get to benefit from my knowledge or hands-on implementation of all the cutting edge digital marketing and web design techniques – everyone wins!


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