Vanuatu Technology Park

Lochore Financial Services Commissioned and creative supplied by Nicole Goodman

DMC Vanuatu Creative supplied by Sam Boyle

G-Force Melbourne 2014 Commissioned and creative supplied by Markus Dilectite.

BlackBerry Kapow Commissioned and creative supplied by Markus Dilectite.

DT Teachers Offer 2014 Commissioned and creative supplied by Markus Dilectite.

Hoyts Cinema Park Commissioned and creative supplied by Markus Dilectite.

Vila Distribution

Vanuatu Property Valuations

Simple brochure style website developed for a property valuations firm located in Vanuatu. Design was created to match existing company branding. View site

Teachers Subscription Campaign

Subscription campaign website was developed for leading Australian newspaper to encourage teachers across Australia to renew their subscription or create a new one. Customer registration form as well as functionality

Full Face Orthodontics

Full Face Orthodontics website was originally written completely in Flash which prevented the client from doing any updates to the site. Polinet was contracted to convert the site from flash

Cash4 Schools

Cach4Schools is an interactive newspaper promotion website that allows visitors to subscribe to their favourite newspaper and have part of their subscription fee donated to the school of their choice.

Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2007

Management of an event website is at times as difficult and time consuming as organizing the event itself. Polinet is in charge of maintaining and updating the conference website with

Kwik Tune

Website for an automotive workshop. online booking form promotions section self managed through the use of simple text files

Lily Homes

Internal website administration tool to enable client to update their website themselves. manage product categories, products and images manage testimonials manage quarterly news updates

Sound Sauce

Website for a sound licensing company. self managed through custom built backend administration center allows client to upload mp3 samples to display on their website

Queen St. Mechanical

Website for an automotive workshop. updatable animated gallery Flash intro animation

Inside Out Colour And Design

A stylish web site for an interior design company. sleek and simple design that represents the style of the interior design business innovative techniques used to enable the owner to

Beer Lao

Australian website for international brand “Beer Lao”. Simple colourful layout. updatable locations pages Commissioned and creative supplied by Markus Dilectite.