Daily Post

Daily Post is a leading Vanuatu newspaper publication. They have contacted us for a complete web design overhaul and the result is a brand new unique website with a memorable look and a host of features for managing news daily.

  • Seaside theme was used for design to differentiate it from other newspaper websites and to tie in the Vanuatu lifestyle feel.
  • Website is based on CMS system which allows the client complete control over the content of the site.
  • Full featured new article system was incorporated into the site to allow for daily article publishing.
  • Article modules includes many social features that improve user retention and help the client build website content with the help of their users: user submitted articles, article rating, comments, social bookmarking, etc.
  • RSS feeds were incorporated for easy news reading.
  • Banner system was set up to allow them to collect revenue by displaying relevant advertising.
  • Google Analytics was incorporated to collect extensive site usage data to allow for further optimization of content.
  • Font zoom feature was included to allow for ease of news reading on variety of monitor sizes and resolutions and to cater to all users’ preferences.

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