CrossFit FMTG Vanuatu Classes Website and Schedule

FMTG Vanuatu Hybrid Fitness Classes Website and Schedule

An ambitious and very well-received new business opened in Vanuatu offering fitness training. A professional website was needed in addition to the existing Facebook presence to portray the high level of the classes offered and also target the transient tourist population of Port Vila, Vanuatu to let them know that drop-in classes are available. An interactive schedule of classes was added to allow the business owner to manage the classes and to allow participants to view the week at a glance to decide when they can attend. While an online membership application form was initially discussed, it was decided that it was no not necessary for the size and friendly and casual manner in which the classes were conducted. A perfect example of “just because we can does not mean we should” decision. Here at Polinet we always try to do what is in your best interest.

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