Website Care

From: $117 AUD / month

No contracts! Cancel any time.

I lovingly care for websites large and small pruning them monthly, upgrading, optimising, backing up and keeping them safe.

With 1 hour of website updates included every month I nurture your website to its fullest potential.

All your questions are promptly answered (in English, French, Bislama or Russian!) and small changes and your new content published keeping your website fresh.


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    1. Send us an email with any issue or content edits and we will take care of it. Once you have that hour paid for you will always be coming up with new things to publish. And Google loves nothing more than a constantly updated website with fresh material.
    2. In the unlikely event that your site might go down we will be notified instantly and will resolve the issue before you or your visits ever notice.
    3. We have partnered up with one of the few WordPress endorsed hosting providers Siteground to offer unparalleled support and performance. If you have your own hosting that you like you can keep it and we will work with your hosting provider.
    4. WordPress, theme and plugin update is the core of this offer. These are necessary to keep the site working at its best and prevent vulnerabilities that are constantly being discovered by hackers.
    5. Daily backups performed on the server allow us to restore the entire site or just an individual file. Offsite daily backup provides an added layer of protection in case something happens to the server.
    6. With the firewall in place it is rare that security issues arise but hackers never sleep so to be absolutely sure we run a weekly security scan to identify and fix any issues.
    7. Advanced WordPress firewall software actively protects your site from hacks and attacks and allows additional security measures for administrator logins if you wish to use them.
    8. In the extremely unlikely event of an external hack or malware infection, we take full responsibility for cleaning it and restoring site functionality.
    9. Siteground hosting comes with a free security certificate and your hosting might as well. We will ensure that it is installed, activated renewed on time. If your hosting does not provide a free one you will need to purchase it from them.
    10. 40% of website visitors will leave a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. Performance is a crucial factor in visitor retention so we will monitor it with a scan and fix any immediate issue.
    11. We have access to many premium plugins and can supply our agency licenses and updates for most. We do not cover licenses for any premium theme or very niche plugins you might have installed on your site but will proactively remind you of their renewal.
    12. You will receive a comprehensive monthly report outlining all key website metrics, work that was performed, visitor numbers and your top keyword rankings. You will never wonder how your website is doing and will get a clear picture in easy to understand terms.
    13. Sometimes the site is damaged not by external threat but by internal team intentional or unintentional changes. This log will be able to tell the full story behind any issue.
    14. Here at Polinet, we do not just do the work you pay us to do but proactively reach out to our client tribe with individual ideas and suggestions for improvements to their websites and digital presence. Prepare to grow your business!

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