[vc_row][vc_column][dfd_service_new columns_width=”half-size-elements” connector_style=”dashed” connector_color=”#efefef”][dfd_service_item_2 icon=”dfd-icon-briefcase” style=”style-01″ hover=”hover-01″ title=”Digital Strategy” subtitle=”Moving your traditional business online, you need a digital strategy that suits your business” icon_color=”#c39f76″ title_font_options=”tag:div” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div|color:%23aaaaaa” font_options=”tag:div|color:%23cccccc” desc_background=”#3a3a3a”]Just like moving house into a new neighborhood, moving your business online can be challenging. You need to find out about where you are moving and how you are going to achieve the move. I develop strategies to ensure that you have a plan of achieving your online goals without compromising on the day-to-day running of the business.

The same basic business and marketing principles apply online as they do offline. It is vitally important that your business has an effective online strategy which governs everything you do online.[/dfd_service_item_2][dfd_service_item_2 icon=”dfd-icon-browser_website” style=”style-01″ hover=”hover-02″ title=”Web Development” subtitle=”I love being challenged by technically sophisticated websites that push the envelope.” title_font_options=”tag:div” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div|color:%23aaaaaa” font_options=”tag:div|color:%23cccccc” desc_background=”#3a3a3a”]Web development and custom software solutions are the core of my services. Most companies that do web development specialise in “Graphic design” where as we specialise in developing web application. I don’t just give you an attractive website, I build web applications and customised solutions that help you run your business more efficiently.[/dfd_service_item_2][dfd_service_item_2 icon=”dfd-icon-cloud_edit” style=”style-01″ hover=”hover-03″ title=”Content Management Systems” subtitle=”Are you a control freak? Content Management Systems are easy to use and feature rich, allowing you 24/7 control of your website’s content.” title_font_options=”tag:div” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div|color:%23aaaaaa” font_options=”tag:div|color:%23cccccc” desc_background=”#3a3a3a” icon_color=”#c39f76″]In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business often depends on how efficiently you capture, deliver, create and manage information. The fact that you manage your website yourself could give you the competitive advantage you need to get ahead and stay there. I make editing and updating content simple enough that any staff member can become a web editor.[/dfd_service_item_2][dfd_service_item_2 icon=”dfd-icon-dollar” style=”style-01″ hover=”hover-04″ title=”eCommerce” subtitle=”Traditional brick and mortar is not good enough for today’s consumers. Shoppers nowadays have very short attention span, they want to shop, compare, buy and come back and do it again.” title_font_options=”tag:div” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div|color:%23aaaaaa” font_options=”tag:div|color:%23cccccc” desc_background=”#3a3a3a” icon_color=”#c39f76″]Implement an eCommerce solution for your business now and start reaping the benefits. Customers appreciate the convenience of online buying as it is as easy as a “click” and is available 24/7.

An eCommerce solution will allow you to reach a wider range of customers as there are no geographical limitations or boundaries. Operational costs are low and the system is easy to start up and manage. A quality online commerce solution can help your business grow and compete in the fast-growing online world.[/dfd_service_item_2][/dfd_service_new][/vc_column][/vc_row]