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Polinet services assisted in building and maintaining our real estate website www.waterfront.com.vu
I am very happy with Polinet, especially for the prompt action any time there is an issue.
Thank you Polinet !

Francesca Avatar

Polina is a lovely person who has shown understanding and dedication in developing tailor made web contents and marketing material for our small company. We appreciated the fact of being... more...

Olivier Avatar

We work with Polinet for more than 7 years, they always been very responsive and quick to act and offer very good value for money. Lately we wanted to accelerate... more...

Pascal Avatar

Polina helped create and maintain my photo website for many years and was always helpful and professional. She responds quickly to issues as they arise and I have no hesitation... more...

Ben Avatar

A true leader in website design and management.
Great advice and service. Prompt and professional.
Highly recommended.
Have being using Polinet for almost a decade and we are both evolving together, achieving tangible results.

Guy Avatar

Polina is most professional to deal with right throughout the entire website building process: the initial phases, building phase, completion phase and maintenance phase. All of our questions and concerns... more...

Ben Avatar

Polinet offers a bespoke and professional service � ��I’ve used their services to create a couple of websites, streamline email accounts and various ad-hoc tasks all of which, have been... more...

Myra Avatar

We started to work with Polina in 2011 and we build many websites with her. It was always a great experience to work together.

We built websites with onlines shops and...

Reinhard Avatar

Polina has helped me bring the vision I had for my website to life. She's lift up every road block, kept her cool when I was being a pain in... more...

Valerie Avatar

Highly recommended. Polina is a true professional who also knows how to take care his customer. The price given is always excellent when you consider the job provided and also... more...

Stephane Avatar

I'm so lucky that I was introduced to Polina, not only is she an absolute genius, she is also friendly, enthusiastic,efficient and a real professional who knows her stuff. Always... more...

Behnam Avatar

Very efficient and responsive. Great attitude and professional. I enjoyed working with Polina and have recommended her services to many friends and colleagues.

Ehsan Avatar
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